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Hi! well im kind of new as you can probably tell ^^ one of my facurite subjects is of course The Lord of The Rings ive never actually managed to read the book 0.o ive only seen the movies :)
my favurite seen out of the entire trilogy is in The Return of The King when we see the Witch rise out of Orthanc on his Fell Beast and thing roars out, that has to be the best dragon roar ever ^___^ my favurite movie out of the trilogy has to be the third one and i was dissapointed that they cut out all of Christopher Lees parts from the final cut

Saruman was was very much missed in the third movie and the scene in the extended edition did not do the character any justice either *sniffs i feel your pain MR Lee ><`
Me favurite character erm well thats a hard one theirs many good ones but i guess it would have to be Gollun and Sam i spent most of time in the final crying me heart as much Sam did grrr *hits Frodo* stupid fat hobit!!

Not LOTR's interests-
Pirates of The Carribean fan woo!
love Johnny Depp my favurite actor since John Candy :)
favurite director is Tim Burton
favurite movie is Big Fish and The Crow
other interestinst include Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, drawing, role playing and the internet!

I got msn groups too! ^^


My favorite characters are:
SarumanSamwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckGrima WormtongueGimliGandalf

Contact me:

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