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Suilad, its me, Olorin the Grey Wizard
Well, I live in New York City, America, and here are my interests: <br><u>Fencing</u> Its really fun, and I try to act like Aragorn!<br><u>Reading</u> Yeah, well if I didn't read, I wouldn't have found LotR<br><u>Medieval History</u> It is almost like LotR in some ways<br><u>Swimming</u> Its just fun<br><u>Sleeping</u> The best part of the day<br><u>Classical Music</u> It is one of the only types of music that has a tune<br><u>Opera</u> My uncle often brings me out to see them<br><br>I am open to all e-mails, and I would be happy to answer them. By the way, I do have MSN Messenger, if you want to Instant Message me
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - Who wouldn't like an ent?Gollum/Smeagol - He is just a pitiful character that I likeGrima Wormtongue - I thinks he is cool because of how Gollum-Like he isGil Galad - He was really amazing in the Silmarillion and I thinks he is cool (though nobody else likes him)Eowyn - She's prettier than Arwen and feistyGandalf - I guess we should like eachother being that we are the same person
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