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I love the lord of the rings!
I think that the lord of the rings books are the best fantasy book that i've read in my entire life. It is filled with action, a little romance and and a thriller! I love the characters and how they are described and look in the book and movies. I especialy like dwarves and elves! I own almost all the Tolkien books(not just the three in the trilogy)and i hope they make more movies like the hobbit!
My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - Ents rock!Theoden - Great king!Sauron - He was allpowerful and evil!Saruman - A powerful wizard!Samwise Gamgee - A true protective friend!Peregrin Took - Very funny character!Meriadoc Brandybuck - Awsome hobbit!Legolas - He is a skilled archer!Isildur - Aragons ancester!Gollum/Smeagol - Kinda creepy but still cool!Gimli - He is awsome and hilarious!Galadriel - She's like an elf queen!Gandalf - A wizard is never late he arrives prosisley when he means to!Frodo Baggins - Atrue hobbit!Elrond - I like him because of his healing powers!Faramir - A great general and leader!Eowyn - Also a great character!Eomer - Great character!Bilbo Baggins - I like his journey in the hobbit!Boromir - A true hero!Aragorn - A true leader!Arwen - Awsome!

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