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Phantasmagorae, Lord of Dreams and Illusions
Well....lets see.... I obviously love LOTR, and all of Tolkien's other works as well. Overall i enjoy mostly Fantasy books and films, etc., etc., and stuff like that. My favorite LOTR character would have to Saruman for the Dark, and for the Light, i think Legolas is awesome. I think of myself as an artist, but i'm perfectionist and need complete concentration to make anything good, so i may not be posting any fanart soon....

Among the things that I enjoy besides LOTR, I love the Wheel of Time, and for a while it knocked LOTR from the top of my favorite series list, but I always return to Tolkien...hehe.Then there's the His Dark Materials series, which i think is awesome, as well as the Da Vinci Code, which i just finished reading. I also like movies(duh, who dosen't?!) but haven't gone to see any in quite awhile cause most of the movies lately are garbage.

Lets see...about myself personallly...I really like history, and want to be an archaeologist/historian-there's still plenty of stuff from the ancient world that hasn't been discovered, and I'll be the one to do it! Muahahahahaha!!!! *lighning flashes and thunder sounds*

Well, i guess thats pretty much most of what you need to know about me, for now anyway
My favorite characters are:

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