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Poetic Mystery-- Tanya
I love Lord of the Rings, and the impact it had on not only Pop Culture history, but on the people who watch the films, read the books, and learn about all Middle Earth alone. I think of it as a beautiful story, a wonderful spirit that is deep within the words, the history and thought that makes it unique amongst other fantasy stories.. It's a masterpeice amongst masterpeices, and a memory that has deeply dug in my mind that will not leave as long as I know how to imagine, be content, and am still learning..

I love music, I feel it has as much moods as we do. I listen to a wide variety.. And a unique taste amongst other people my age. I love Classical, Celtic, Crooners, Big Band, Swing, Rock, Metal, Classical Rock, Punk Rock, Jazz; pretty much anything besides.. Rap, Hip-Hop, and such..

I'm a film fan, and my interest lies mostly within Drama, Independent, Fantasy, and more so on the.. Sophisticated side. No Chick Flicks, Teeny-Bopper, are those lame, cliche' comedies.. I enjoy dark-comedies, and unique comedies.. But none of those which involve all that farting, burbing, sexual, type comedies. :P

Oh, and one thing you have to know about me.. I'm in love with the television show, "Lost".. I'm just.. So addicted!

My favourite actours are; Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Steve Buscemi, Jude Law, Sean Penn, and more I'm sure I'm forgetting at the moment..

My favorite characters are:
Treebeard - What can I say? Ents are legendary to me, and Treebeard, of course the main and leader of what we read and see, is wise out of everything that has happened in the past, and present of Middle Earth. He helps so much, and the books just wouldn\'t be the same without him.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Very much overlooked in the films, in my opinion. I love how even after he receives his wound, and goes the Houses of the Healing, he goes straight to the Black Gate, and leads with Pippin the fight against the Ruffians. He\'s a very strong character, being loyal to his king, and friends.Peregrin Took - I think he grows the most out of the most characters, but remains a cheerful, kind soul to those around him. I find him very ambitious, and how he won\'t stop his goals until they are completed.

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