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LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello My name is regina aka gina. My favorite things to do are basketball, soccer, football, swim, dance, bike, acting and i REALLY want to learn how to snowboard.<br>My friends are moe, katy, michelle, cassie, sammi, vonai, jessica, danielle, brittany and all my cousins! TTyl I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS!!! ITS MY FAVOIRTE MOVIE its put together really well and its an excellent film with tons of action also.
My favorite characters are:
Sauron - Sauron is another one of my favorites because hes the evil demon in the movie/book and i like monsters because they are a big part in a film or book.Samwise Gamgee - Sam is very brave too. HE stood by frodo threough the whole quest and even wen he was aobut to lose him, he found his way back and continues with frodo.Peregrin Took - Pippen makes me laugh too since him (mostly) and his cousin are always wanting to eat something.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Merry and Pippen are very funny too. Heheh and i really like their voices there like high pitchedLegolas - Legolas is my favorite character in the whole movie. Him with his bow and arrow... he looks really awesome and professional with itAragorn - Aragorns the best he knows how to fight evil like the ringwraths and can fight really wellArwen - Arwen is the elf i like most besides Legolas and she can ride her horse really fastBilbo Baggins - Bilbo is a great character he always gives me a laughFrodo Baggins - Frodo has a lot fo courage and is VERY brave through his questGandalf - Gandalf the wizard has many wise ideas but sometimes there isnt a decision to make
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