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Becki`s LOTR page
My name is Becki. The picture I have posted is of my exotic kitten Legolas. I also have 4 other cats with LOTR names.I am an RN & have been in the medical field for almost 20 years. I am married & have 1 child who also reads Tolkien. I , like Tolkien am a Christian & I have been a fan since I discovered the Hobbit as a teen. I have read or listened to all the LOTR's & greatly app. the good v/s evil & fellowship themes.
My favorite characters are:
Galadriel - More Girl power but just a different kind of power.Eowyn - Girl power at it's best!Elrond - Wise , handsome gifted warrior & healer gotta have one!Boromir - Even though he gave in to temptation he came through in the end.Arwen - Who would not want to be her , can't have a quest with out insperation.Aragorn - It's good to be king , noble strong & faithful total package.Gandalf - Wise sweet awesome leader, the Moses of the group.Legolas - MY very fav. character in the books Awesome warrior , don't leave for a fight with out him! he is portrayed very well in the movie though in the book he was seen with dark hair & eyes also.Treebeard - Wise powerful & he is a tree that can talk how cool is that!
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