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Middle Earth is a really cool place
I am a huge Narnia and Lord of the Rings fan.
My favorite characters are:
Galadriel - a prophetess who helps Frodo and the rest of the FellowshipFrodo Baggins - The nephew of Bilbo and a couragios person for offering to tkae the Ring all the way to Mordor.Eowyn - She is a great character for women and she is one that encourages people to fight for what they belive and the ones they love. Elrond - Arwen's father and kind of a prophet for the elves besides Galadriel.Boromir - I think that Boromir in some ways is a hero to Merry and Pippin because he tries to save them from the orcs.Bilbo Baggins - He is the mor of the homely type.Arwen - She is beautiful and loves Aragorn. Aragorn - Aragorn is an awesome fighter and is just plain a cool guy.Gandalf - One who alaways has somthing good to say about everything Gimli - A funny charater. I like the orc killing contest he has with Legolas.Legolas - A friend of Gimli. Also a really cool character. Meriadoc Brandybuck - A really cool hobbit who is friends with Pippin Peregrin Took - ' What about Second Breakfast? ' On the movie he has the coolest costume in the whole show when he serves Denethor.Samwise Gamgee - The hobbit who reprsents the comon man and who helps Frodo in the final stages of destoying thr Ring.Treebeard - an intersting character who helps tear down Saruman's work-in-progress for ruling Middle-Earth.

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