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Daughter of the Realm
well...... what's there to say. I'm a big fan of reading and i found Lord Of The Rings (all three plus The Hobbit) really exciting. I've also read Juliet Marillier's Triology (Sevenwaters) and found that they connected with me, though i hate to say, than LOTR. Also i've read the first two book of the Exiles triology by Melaine Rawn. I'm not sure she has written the third book because my libary (being a small one and in a small town) would know if they had them or not. i've also read the harry potter series. Oh and im in trainging to become a witch (as in a real one not a pot head one,,,,,,dah how lane would that be)<br><br><br>I'm into LACUNA COIL the best mother fn band in the world then it's killing Heidi, then Enya then Kosheen. <br><br>ok can't think of any thing.........................<br><br><br>OH my goddesses. It's raining. I live in Australia and were in a middle of a draught so this is a miricle i've just been out side dancing i it and i'm drenched. but some how i don't care. The draught has bee hard this year. We nearly had to get our trees cut down because there branches were dying and landing on the house and i don't mean the little twig branches i mean the really big branches.
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - love his hairGollum/Smeagol - skitzoGimli - i love short guys (simply because i'm not to tallGandalf - loveableGaladriel - shinningFrodo Baggins - sexy, hot, smart, and inagativeFaramir - just as sexy as BoromirEowyn - realy beauitfulCeleborn - tear :( but sexyBilbo Baggins - raskleBoromir - sexy-little less then AragornAragorn - sexyArwen - beautifulMeriadoc Brandybuck - raskle, happy, sexyPeregrin Took - raskle, over happy, sexySamwise Gamgee - loveable, adorable, would want a boyfriend just like himTreebeard - what can i say he's a tree (sorry tree hearder) i love trees
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