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ReBeCcA's ViEw On EvErYtHiNg......
Hello all, my name is Rebecca but please call me Bec, Becca, or beckie.........it's totally up to you.
Well I live in the land down under...for all you people that dont know where that is then it is Australia.......I have heaps of friends and love to make new friends, I am in a happy realationship with my boyfriend of Three months.

I am a MASSIVE fan of Lord of the Rings ( The movie mostly, the books and the games), my all time fav charecter would have to be Legolas....he is so hot.....but I do love the other charecters though as they are all so great.

the best part in the movie for me would be in the third film (The Return of the King) when Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas are fighting after just hoping off the ship, and a Mumakil comes charging at Legolas and he brings down the entire Mumakil and its passengers.....it is such a great bit and well done.........

I have seen Lord of the Rings over 15 times from begining to end and I love it just as much as when I first saw it...

Charecters played in the films are...... Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Boromir, Frodo, Gandalf, Merry, Pippin, Sam, Eomer, Eowyn, King Theoden, Faramir, and Treebeard.

Want to come and chat with me your more than welcome, I am open to new friends, and anyone who loves the movie just as much as me your even more welcome.
My favorite characters are:
Eomer - Eomer is but one thing and one word only......HOTTElrondDenethor IICelebornBoromirBilbo BagginsArwenAragorn - im glad to see he was made King, he deserved it so much. he played a great role in the fight for middle earth.Eowyn - She crys alot in this movie, but she is still pretty cool because she can kick some major ass.FaramirFrodo BagginsGaladrielGandalf - I love the fact that he can cheat death, thats something that we would all want, and he fights pretty good for an old guy lol.Gil GaladGimliGollum/Smeagol - I love smeagol, he may have been possed by the ring and may be evil, but he is still the coolest charecter or charecters as I should say too his second half.Grima WormtongueIsildur - Even though he didnt play a great big part in the movie he was still a pretty cool guy, until the ring took over him though.Legolas - Legolas is my most favorite, he has such a great fighting skill, better than the others, If I had such great aim like him I think I would be ruler of the world, well he is the hottest charecter also. I love his name and his language it is really cool.Meriadoc BrandybuckPeregrin TookSamwise Gamgee - Samwise would have to be the best friend anyone could have, he was very shy in asking out the girl he liked but he eventualy got over his fear, Samwise played a big part in the movies and I am very glad that he had a happy ending.SarumanSauronTheoden - King Theoden is the best King, it was rather sad to see that Wormtngue had him doing things he shouldnt have done but after he got realeased he was a very good King, and a very good Uncle too, but it was sad when he died, they should have let him live as he fought so well in battle.UglukTreebeard - He is so cool, I would love to ahve him on my side in a fight, but he can be very boring to listen too as it takes him for ever to say something, but apart from that he is cool.

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