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Ringenes Herre's Devotion
I'm a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, both the incredible books and their incredible onscreen interpretations. JRR Tolkien is most definatley my favorite author. I spend the majority of my time reading the books, learning the languages of the elves, looking on the Internet for both book and movie related website or watching my extended edition FotR DVD. <br><br>I'm entirely devoted, as my title implies, to learning as much about the world of Middle-Earth as I possibly can. I have several Middle-Earth maps hanging in my room, four different editions of each of the books (three for show alone, of course) and have downloaded Middle-Earth artwork by both notable and almost unknown artists, having no talent in the art world whatsoever. I have been trying to learn Elvish, both Sindarin and Quenya, but with my demanding school and work schedule, free time is almost impossible to find. I have downloaded a translating program that is able to translate English words into both the aforementioned Elvish languages, and the Black Speech of Mordor. Although I have difficulty using this program, as I have only obtained it recently, I intend to use it to help with my advancement in the languges of Middle-Earth. <br><br>Because I have limited time to furthur my understanding of Tolkien and the masterful world he has created, I do not claim to be an expert on Middle-Earth, it's races, or any of the other aspects that make Middle-Earth wonderful. Perhaps one day I will be able to join the ranks of the true Tolkien master. Until then, I am devoting as much spare time as I can to learning about <i>The Lord of the Rings</i> - the most awesome book or movie experience that I have ever encountered. <br><br>If you like Lord of the Rings or want to correct, debate, or talk with me about Middle-Eath, feel free to e-mail me or message me. I'd be delighted to find someone as devoted to Lord of the Rings as I am.
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - Samwise is a wonderful character. He never betrays Frodo, when it would be reasonable and legitimate for him to do so, and when we are with Sam, we know that his place is certain. He is the stability, in a story where nothing is certain.Peregrin Took - Peregrin Took is the comic relief, in both the books and the movies. While everyone else is absorbed in the insurmountable tasks that face them, Peregrin is able to lift the burden and remind the reader that there is at least a little humor in everything.Legolas - Legolas, being a representative of the elves in the Fellowship, provides an example to his eight companions. He is an elf on a mission who shows devotion and loyalty throughout the hardest of times. He has his doubts, but never betrays his comrades.Gandalf - Gandalf is one of my favorite characters simply because of his many dimensions. I refer not only to his fall as the Grey and rebirth as the White, but to his ability to move seemlessly between friendly and caring old man to terrifying and powerful wizard.Frodo Baggins - Frodo Baggins is the quintissential unlikely hero. Although out of his element, Frodo shows perseverence and courage from start to finish. We can relate to him not only because we wish for like courage, but because he has flaws that we can identify with.Eowyn - Eowyn is the character the embodies two major roles in the plot or sub-plot of an epic such as this. She is both the complication to a major love interest and the strong female role that provides a feminine influence in a predominantly male world.Elrond - Elves are my favorite race of beings in Middle-Earth. I believe Tolkien wrote the elves as God's own intention for humans before our descent into sin. Elrond is my favorite elf, because he is Half-Elven and therefore has a little bit of both worlds.Aragorn - Aragorn is by far my favorite character. While the story of the One Ring focuses mainly of Frodo and the implied Ring's destruction, Aragorn's acceptance of his fate and rise to the position of the King of Men make him a central and essential character.
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