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I am a major LOTR fan. I love all of Tolkien's books, especially "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings". I love the movies, and everything that ahs to do with Tolkien and all of his creations!

I also enjoy reading comics every now and then, mostly Spider-Man, and I'm a Nintendo fan as well. (I got the Wii, woohoo!)

My favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings. My favorite books are The Hobbit and The Lord of the rings as I said earlier. I browse multiple forums, and this is the first LOTR Forum for me to enter. For that, I call myself Ringer, short for "The One Ringer".

So I hope to see many of you out there and hope to find my place in this world we call Earth, but in this forum we call it "Middle-Earth".
My favorite character is:
Bilbo Baggins - My favorite character in the Middle-Earth universe would have to be Bilbo, jsut because he was the first character I was introduced to, and I've gronw up with him ever since I started reading Tolkien novels.

Contact me:

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