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the things i like to do are play tennis,soccer,basket ball and kick ball. You could probably say my friends are strange people cause they sorta are,like 1 year they always did the oddest and most Random things i have ever seen! Lets say you see your friend in the hall way and He/She is making a pencil break and some how putting it back together. Personally i don't know what this game is like cause their fixing an Error. D'=}}Everyone that i know think i do awesome stunts cause most of them sent me to the emergency room. and i hit like a 5 foot jump and got like 40 feet of air. Next thing i know i am in the Emergency room. 12 of my "Best friends were there hoping i would be o.k cause i broke my spine and you can imagine how that felt.Also my next was broken and they said i was only seconds from death! i am so happy i am here today telling you what not to do! NEVER GO OFF 5FEET JUMPS AT 25 MPH! trust me you'll regret it no matter if you live or die. "ok now back to the game. Lord of the rings Middle-earth looks like a whole lot of fun. but to bad i can't get on right away:( cause i have watched every single Lord of the rings Movies! and i hope this game is similar to the Movies. I have also read every single book not as good as the Movies but their ok... Everyday i read them over and Over no matter what people tell me to do unless it's my kids or my wife :p. cause trust me you don't want a break up family now do you? Every year i read the books a total of 356 times in a time span of 9 months! i watch the movies even when my wife is asleep i can remember every word in all the Lord of the Rings movies :P. As you probably know people who are crazy about Lord of the Rings are usually good at Lord of the Rings Games. But the game that interests me the most is Battle for Middle Earth. So when ever you see a New Book or Game let me know ASAP please! :) Have a Wonderful day everyone. Ask anything lord of the ring questions.
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