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me rocknrat
my name is rocknrat i am a mighty warroir and a lord of the ring geek guy but i rock and u dont i dare any one to fight me! ino every thing about lord of the rings so if u ask me a questoin i can answer it i am a nooby here so i dont no about the game but i no every thing about the movie and or the books i havent realy play this yet it wont let me??? if any one no's how to log on plz tell me la la la la la thats was to use up space be cause i like this to be big and im talking huge! ! ! ! but stil i dont no anything about the game but i want to no so hlp!!!!! me plz ! ! !la la la la la la la la *sigh* i dont no wat else to rite so i think i well stop im not much of a typer or a reader but i have read most the books not the return of the king cause im to lazy to get to it i just finshed the hobbit and it roocks with the battle of the five armies i wish i could have been there i would have kicked some but well it hink i well end thids now bye bye see ya ho[e u enjoyed reading this i didnt enjoy riteing it lol ! ! and yes i do love all these guys they rock as much as me lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

(aka: the killer)
My favorite characters are:
TreebeardTheodenPeregrin TookLegolasIsildurGimliGil GaladGandalfGaladrielFrodo BagginsFaramirEowynEomerElrondArwenAragorn

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