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Samwise Gamgee
My name is Tom, I'm 15 and from Sydney, Australia.<br><br>SAMWISE GAMGEE<br><br>Samwise was the youngest son of Hamfast Gamgee. He led a fairly uneventful life up until his beginnings in the tale of the Ring. Sam was deeply curious about elves, partly because of this, (and partly because he was an eavesdropper), he was selected by Gandalf to accompany Frodo to Rivendell. Elrond also selected him to join the fellowship of the ring. Throughout the journey, Sam proved his loyalty several times over, and without him the quest would have surely failed. After the betrayal by Smeagol to Shelob, Sam saved the ring from falling into enemy hands, and attempted to destroy the Ring himself. Samwise's strength and plain hobbit sense allowed him to resist the lure of the Ring's power, and realise that it was to much a task for him to do alone. After the War of the ring, Sam was elected Mayor of Michel Delving 7 times. He and his wife Rosie Cotton had 13 children before her death in Fourth age 82, when he sailed over the sea as the last of the Ring Bearers.
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - Most loyal and a gardener turned heroGandalf - Old and powerfulElrond - Old and wise
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