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Saruman and Witch-King are the BEST VILLAINS!
Hello, I am Kitty Cassy,(female, age 13!) master sorceress, and spellcaster. I enjoy watching the LOTR, and sometimes, I get into a frenzy, and I also do anything with LOTR!(By the way, my last name isnt really mew-Mew. And, My name is Cassy.ot the kitty part.lol.) I have a clarinet songbook for LOTR, which features ALL of the songs from the movies. I enjoy it! I am also very into ELVES. After all, URUKHAI are made from men, ELVES, and orcs together. Weird, huh? I am very fun to hang around with. Enjoy!I also like the Witch King of Angmar.Hey, do you see that pic of a wolfotu(i made up that creature) with that elf going to battle? I made that, with colored pencils! Pretty good, eh?Oh, I love music! The Music i like are(and I have these cds):Evanescece:Failen, Evanescence:Anywhere but Home, Avril Lavigne:Let it go, Avril Lavigne:Under my skin, Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory,Reanimation, and Meteora,Sheryl Crow, Swithcfoot, LOTR Music for Clarinet, Star Wars Music for Clarinet,Aqua, Good Charlotte:Young and Hopeless, and Good Charlotte:Chronicles of Life and Death(I have death version. All I got now! =)Oh, by the way, I AM FEMALE, I just have Saruman up as the pic of my page! =)Dont email me unless it is important, or you are my friend..........or........i will block you from my email! Muaha!By the way, didja know Sauron was 10 feet tall? Muaha!Btw, i joined a cool website called neopet.com.....but, I wanna get some points added t my name, so could you copy and paste this link and join for me?my user is cassandrafan3!:http://www.neopets.com/refer.phtml?username=cassandrafan3
My favorite characters are:
Gandalf - He kicks butt, even though him and Master Saruman fought. I think if Saruman were a good guy, he would be friends with Gandalf. They are BOTH white wizards!Elrond - Awesome. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Do you give up yet mr. Anderson?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Muahaah! Faramir - He\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a good guy, although awful Denethor hates him. DENETHOR is a nut-case!Galadriel - \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Lady of the Light\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Her name fits her well. I like her because she has NO wrinkles, no flaws at all!Grima Wormtongue - Every time I see him, I think of a big black tarantula. But I like spiders............i think.,...Arwen - She has a pretty face. I am glad that she took Aragorn, and not Legolas. He\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mine.Celeborn - Celeborn deserves Galadriel. Although.....................I would have taken Celeborn, if Galadriel wasnt the first elf with him.Legolas - Number one Elf of Mirkwood. Although, the animated LOTR made his kin(The Hobbit) a bad color...green! Saruman - Saruman is the absolute best of all bad guys. He would probably beat Sauron up! muahaha!

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