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Scottagorn, a distant ally of Strider, though seldom they met, has no home, but wonders in the forests, and fields of middle earth, on his constant hunt for trolls, and orcs alike. Scarred by the Greatest of the Goblin hordes, he lost his parents at a young age, to their dark charge, to end the realm of men.

Scottagorn, known as Olfus to the dwarves, and Luthar to those of the elven race, holds few bonds, though would lend his sword to any of the race of men, or elves, or dwarves who might need his aide. As having few allies, the dark creatures of middle earth, ever fill him with anger, and he would forsake noone the honour of watching him cleave them in twain.
My favorite characters are:
Aragorn - Strider, as he is known to Scottagorn, was a great ally when Scottagorn learned he was of the line of Dunedain. Though they rarely were seen together in after years.Eomer - Eomer, heir of the Eorlingas, has oft been host to Scottagorn, as he roamed through the gap. The two share a love of ale, and little else.Samwise Gamgee - Though having never met, the two are alike in spirit, as well as loyalty. Scottagorn was never to visit the shire.

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