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Seregrana Ithilwen's Fan Page
Greetings to my fellow Lord of the Rings lovers. My name is not Seregra, that is my alias. If you are wondering, Seregrana Ithilwen means 'Blood (Sereg) Wanderer (Rana)' and 'Moon (Ithil) Madien (wen)' in Elvish. I will go by Tyrell if that is easier. =D. My intersts include books, school (Not English!), writing, Role Playing, sketching, chatting, and playing with my cats. Lord of the Rings is the best trilogy ever! My favorite character is undoubtably Faramir (Not Notinthebookamir from the movies), and if he was short, blonde, and younger he'd be almost like one of my best friends. In personality of course. Well, actually Faramir is my favorite male character. My favorite female character is Eowyn. She rocks! On to the movies. I enjoyed the Hobbits, espcialy Pippin (Billy Boyd). Aragorn was very well played, in my humble opinion. Faramir was messed up, right down to his hair color. In the films, Eowyn is a blubbering... girl. No offence, but I mean come on! I disliked how Eowyn's character was undermined by Arawen's. It was like... role reversal city! So, there you have it! I don't have much else to say.
Feel free to drop me a message!
Until then...

May the stars shine upon you until we meet again, Lover of the Books. *Bows*
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