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Tolkien: An All Around Scholar and Mastermind
I love Lord of the rings. J.R.R. Tolkien is a genious. Just reading some of his shows his awe-inspiring knowledge. when you go further into tolkiens life you discover that aside from making his own beautiful and magical languages he also creates worlds in hich to fit those languages. The movie trilogy of Lord of the Rings has brought back his amazing literture. I don't just speak of L.o.t.R, but also of masterpieces like the Silmarillion or the Hobbit. Also it has brought more readers to science-fiction and fantasy literature. I can admit that when the first movie for the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out i thought that it would be a stupid movie for Sci-fi nerds. One day i went to blockbuster, picked up, brought it home, watched it, loved it. Soon i started getting posters and the d.v.d.'s. I've only read the first two books all the way through and i was amazed because i didn't think they could possibly be better than the movie, but they were. If Tolkien were still alive today i would definitely have to thank for making the greatest epic of our time. And wow now that i think about everything i take being called a geek or nerd as a compliment. Well... can't really think of anymore to say about Lord of the Rings. sooo... heres a little info about me: i have been playing the violin for almost five years, on my third year of learning spanish, like drawing, sketching, i like to read; mostly non-fiction, was born and lived in Germany for almost two years, and as you probably already guessed a fan of Tolkien's work, especially Lord of the Rings.
My favorite characters are:
LegolasGil GaladGaladrielCelebornBoromirArwenAragorn

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