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I love Lord of the Rings. OF course, that is blatantly obivous because otherwise I would not be on this site. First of all, I would like to state that my favorite character is Legolas, but this is not because Orlando Bloom is considered hot. I like him because he is an Elf, archer, and he is interesting. NOT because he is cute, although he is and that does help.<br><br>My favorite part of Middle-Earth is definitely Gondor. Men need a cool city and I think it fits them. Besides, Faramir and Aragorn are also cool and they are from there. I also like Lothlorien and Rivendell and the Mirkwood because they are the homes of the Elves.<br><br>My favorite race, obviously, are the Elves. Second favorite is men, then Hobbits, Ents, then Orcs, and finally Dwarves. I can not stand dwarves. I like the Easterlings, oddly enough, and guys from Gondor. Hobbits, as is stated in the Fellowship, are short and fat and usually stupid. The only reason that I can find for wanting to visit them is to laugh outright at them. Gandalf must have been insane to want to visit the Shire so often, even if he was trying to figure out information about Bilbo's ring.<br><br>Speaking of Bilbo, I hate him. The only cool thing he ever did, in my very outraged opinion, was to go and live in Rivendell after he left the Shire. At least he did not end up with the Dwarves. That way, I could not suffer to have his name used in my prescence. <br><br>My favorite classification of Elves are the Sindar. Who cares about the Undying Lands in the first place? Sounds momotonous to me! Middle-Earth has all of the fun, all of the action, all of the adventure. I still maintain that that is where the Elves belong. The Noldor were right to journey there. But they should have all stayed there in the first place instead of following Manwe and all of them into the Undying Lands. <br><br>
My favorite characters are:
Eomer - Hmm.. I dunno, I just think he is kind of courageous I guess. Besides, Rohans a great country and he turned the tide at Helm's DeepEowyn - Eomer's brother who gets hooked up with Faramir. Works for me!Elrond - Well, I have to admit that I do like him mostly because he is an Elf, but he does have a wry humor, like when Sam pops up during the council.Celeborn - He is an Elf, and is he not one of the Sindar? Enough said there, too.Arwen - She is an Elf that marries the second coolest himan character. What more need be said?Aragorn - He is sure good with that sword; coolness factor is really high with him. He can not be all that bad anyway, I mean, he WAS raised by Elves.Faramir - I love this guy. He's nice to Hobbits (only a minor plus) and he makes me laugh. Not quite sure why, but whenever I reread his scenes in The Two Towers I cackle. Besides, he is my favorite Man.Galadriel - She is a Noldor, and smart enough to want to go back to Middle-Earth and away from those fraky Noldor.Gandalf - He is kind of funny, whoops a Balrog, and I like his hat. Anybody know where you can get one?Gil Galad - He is an Elf. WHat more is needed?Legolas - Elf. Elf of few words. Good with his bow. Besides, he is just uber cool. Hard to explain, but he is awesome.Meriadoc Brandybuck - I like his accent in the movie and he is funny.Theoden - The only reason I put him on here is because I love when Gandalf says Theoden King. Actually, I think that Theodin is a jerk.
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