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Merenwen Calaelen
Hi i'm a huge fan of lotr! i have the books, games, DVDs and Posters. i even have a website dedicated to them!!!!!! :p

okay i'm a teen living in England and i'm not so preety although my friends say i am. i am half spanish and half jamaican. i live in England (i knda said that before) i also have loads of others siblings but with different mums or dads. i love drawing manga and anime, i write stories, songs and poetry too! i am artisticaly challenged which means i am great at artistic things...

i love all kinds of music but i feel more connected with rock and heavy metal. i am also into alternative rock and i'm obbsessed with Nirvana!!!! i love Gothic rock because its beautiful and soothing. i see myself as a goth...

My name in Elvish is = Merenwen Calaelen
My name in Hobbit is = Ruby Deepdelver
i found these on a website LOL!!!

i love lotr because it is very well writain and when you read it takes you to another place in time. it's like having an imaginary friend but then you realise that your friend lives somewhere and has friends and family, so you sit and think about those features. but then you start to develop more ideas... thats why the stories are so beautiful. Tolkien grips the reader in so many ways!!!!

When i found out the movies were to be released i was so happy!!! finally someone could film a good story. i waited eagerly for the films to be relased on DVD so i could buy them. i bought posters and other stuff! i even have the One Ring!!!!

i Cried a couple of times when i watched each film... i wouldn't normally admit this...

my website is up and under construction but feel free to view it anyway...
My favorite characters are:
TreebeardSamwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckLegolasGollum/SmeagolGimliGandalfFrodo BagginsFaramirAragorn

Contact me:

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