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the elf sinasi
I am just a girl who likes to role play as my elf character sinasi, and where available I play as a mermaiden. Sinasi is a character fom my own creations. some basics of my character as an elf:

Name: Sinasi (sin-AY-zee)
Race: Elven
Soul: A dark stone of many colors set in an oddly shaped silver knot
Age: very young, but noone knows for sure because she rarely lets her presence be known, let alone speak to someone long enough to reveal her age
Appearance: Beautiful, but flawed. her features are perfect features, but placed a little off, looks like she was made to be perfect, but something went wrong. She has short cropped staright hair that is the black of a raven's feather, and her eyes are somewhere between green and brown. She is small, and tries to be as plain as possible Talents/skills: She is small, and barely noticed. She is quick with a dagger
Weapons: She never leaves behind the small dagger that her brother gave her when she was young
Animals: She has a horse, which is perfectly sized for her, which she named Fay playfully when she was a child
Outfit: She wears dark colors as if in mourining, but there is an always present ebony heart held at her throat by a silver chain
Personality: She is extremely quiet and attentive. If she allows you to know her presence, then she usually has something important to be known. She does not speak often, so some think she is mute.
History: She was born of a royal bloodline, but has no notion of it. It has been kept a secret from her for she could endanger herself with the notion that she is royalty. She has the ability to sing, but does not exercise the ability often. She is thought to be in mourning, but truly is not. The heart at her throat is a link to the elves on the dark side of things, but she does not know her parents, so she is unsure which side they are on
My favorite characters are:
SauronEowynElrondBilbo BagginsArwen

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