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Hi, I'm Sophie, welcome 2 my fan page.
My name is Sophie and i live in London. LOTR is one of my favourite books and i never stop thinking about it. i love the movies as much as the books and it was the films that first made me interested in LOTR. I had read the Hobbit before i saw the films and tried to read the books but didnt even get out of the Shire. Since I saw the 2nd film i had an urge to read ROTK and i did. Then<br> i read TTT and finally FOTR. I have recently learnt to write in elvish (I know, I know, too obsessive) and i'm very proud of it. <br>My other favourite books are His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman.
My favorite characters are:
Theoden - briilliant king (after recovering from Saruman's spell)Peregrin Took - Same as merySamwise Gamgee - Frodo's conscience, gardener and putter-on-the-correct-track person. he's essential to Frodo's succesGandalf - he's the map, the tour guide and the signs, Frodo wouldn't have gotten far without himGimli - cool dudeGollum/Smeagol - evil, yet a brilliant characterLegolas - wow! brill with the bow and arrow. a true elfMeriadoc Brandybuck - funny, brave (being compared to most hobbits) and all around good guy. i like what he does in ROTKFrodo Baggins - he'a the savour of middle earth. what more can i say!Galadriel - being a ring bearer she's powerful yet dangerous, i like her being able to resist the tempation of the ringEowyn - she's all for femenism and does some cool stuff in the return of the king. the only thing i dont like is when she tries it on with Aragorn even though it's pretty obvious he belongs 2 someone elseArwen - She's beautul and graceful. she represents love in the books and that gives her a pretty good rating in my bookAragorn - He's kingly, noble and an all around good guy. he shows great strength in resisting the rings power en e uld jus ak th rings rom Frodo at any timeeeee
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