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hello daves!
hey! my name is alex. i have black hair and am 12 years old. my favouite bands are good charlotte,dandy warhols,blink 182, nirvanna(im not sure how to spell that name).people say im disturbed,i most probably am as well.my favourite people in middle earth are the easterlings because i think they look cool.i play the guitar.my guitar is a stratocaster standard with black scratchplate its really cool and has been customised. the coolest thing that has ever happend to me was that when i went to a white stripes gig i was stepped on by ther lead singer of the doves! (they are a big english band) my dad is cool he is in a band and he sells cd's. he is known all manchester and he knows everyone (not literelley). his band is called marconi union so if you want to buy one of there cd's go ahead! i am a chronic depressive which means im depresseed most of the time. i am already doin a gcse drama and if you read the top you will know im actually 12. :). i have been nearly expelled twice from my schooland am in year 8.
My favorite characters are:
Gil Galad - cool elf dude. has a nice spear killed by a single touch by sauron and king of the elves.Boromir - people think he is not so good at figthing but i know he's probally as good if not better than aragorn.Saruman - evil dude ,nice hairUgluk - he seems to be hungry.....

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