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Love and Peace.
I used these words for my page header, as I have come to realise that words have a powerful influence on our lives, in spoken, written or thought form. For some time now I have practiced being creative with words. To begin with I created 'Ambigrams', and progressed to a variety of creative typography. For instance I began to notice that when words are designed to be read upside down, or in their mirror image, that new words would appear. These new words were strongly associated with the original word.
As an example the word 'TIGER' which was designed to be read upside down (Ambigram), then synchronistically reads 'A Cat' in the mirror. I even found that symbols were contained within the design of certain words, so 'TIGER' has a symbol within it when viewed sideways. Having found many hidden words within words using the above method, I then realised that this could extend to signatures. I first looked at Bruce Lee's signature and I found 'Kung Fu' within it. Eventually this led to the discovery that J.R.R.Tolkien's signature contained the words 'lord' and 'Rings', and even a symbol within it of 'Gandalf'. Tolkien's signature is the best example that I have found to date.
This discovery has made me realise more than ever that middle earth and it's characters were destined to be written. I believe that the words 'Lord' and 'Rings' for instance were contained within Tolkien's signature before he conceived of the book.
I made a decision to combine my artwork with these discoveries. It is my hope that this discovery will open peoples minds to the connectivity between words, and that on some inner level it also reminds us of the unity between all things. Love and Peace.
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