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I am a huge Lord of the rings fan. of course or else why would i be here? Anyway, I am a christian and i like ridding horses, acting, archery, sword-play, drawing, writting and reading. I am one of the few dedicated lotr fans in my area. (pothole USA)
If i could live in Middle-Earth i would be an elf and live in Lothlorien. Or i would travel around looking at the beauty of the world.
My favorite race in middle earth are the elves. Elves are just all around cool. Their fighting skills, wisdom, and beauty is amazing. I love them. I like all of the other races too, but Elves are my fav. I like the hobbits because they are loyal and an overall amusing race. The Dwarfs are cool too. they have their own amusing qualities to them and Gimli cracks me up! They're brave and strong fighters also. Ents i think are ok but they are a little too slow for me, I'm more of a "hasty" type. Quickbeam is my favroite of the Ents. My ultimate favroite character is either Galadriel, Frodo, Legolas, or Pippin. Yeah, i like them all, except the orcs and Uruk-Hai, the basic evils. they're nasty, but they do add element to the story, what fun would it be with no ugly things to kill?
My favorite characters are:
Meriadoc BrandybuckPeregrin TookSamwise GamgeeGaladrielGollum/SmeagolLegolasBilbo BagginsEomerEowynFrodo Baggins
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