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Telerian, at your service...
Dear People, Elves, Dwarfs, Wizards, Dark Creatures, and all those I forgot,

I am Telerian, or Teley, if you like. I live in tiny Belgium, where I was born on october 12, 1988, to two darling parents. I grew up in a large family( now containing 15 children, mom and dad; this picture was taken several years ago), which has it's nice sides, (tons of presents),
and it's less nice sides( less computer time).

I learned to know the book "Lord of the Rings" when I was about ten, because an older brother had to read it for school. I only read it myself two years ago, and I as you can guess, was lost forever. I have since read all Tolkiens work you can get in our local library, and the Sil, The Hobbit, and LOTR, I have read trice. I haven't seen the movie's in the cinema, my father bought the DVD-box. I really love the way Peter Jackson managed to make the films give you that magic kindof feeling the books do. I haven't seen the EE, and probably won't, but I'm satisfied.

After all that, .org comes in. I found it by accident, and I hardly ever did a better thing then to register overhere. What I like most about the site is that it gives you such a warm family-feeling, many members have truly become like family to me! I think these sort of friendship are those that make life even more precious.

Something about myself?
I'm usually gentle with people, but I can give a loud yell once in a while. I like to be with friends, just to talk about all sorts of stuff, and have a good laugh.
I love to sing, to read, and I love being with children.( which is why I, BTW, chose this site. ;)
I can listen to all sorts of music, but I believe my Nr. one will always be: Aerosmith with "I don't wanna mis a thing."
Sometimes I can't hold back my tears when listening at it.

Well, if anyone ever reads this needs help withh anything, just send me note, and I'm there for you!
Love ,


P.S.: And come aroung BFME sometime, it rocks!!!

My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - Without this " fat hobbits" ME would be lost!Gil Galad - One of the greatest Elves ever.Gandalf - Everyone's refuge!

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