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Hello, before I talk about Tolkien I will tell you a little about myself...I am 24 years old, graduated from a small college in SE North Carolina with a business degree. I now work for an engineering firm on the East Coast. I love to ride horses, see live music and listen to the Grateful Dead. I have had a passion for the Lord of the Rings and other Tolkien works for as long as I remember. I get a tear in my eye every time I read it. Just from the sheer power of the writing, I put myself right into Middle Earth when I read it. Pure magic. Nothing more, nothing less than pure magic. I love all of Tolkien's works. I would have given anything to be able to meet him. He wrote with such a passion!!!<br>I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about these movies being made. I was really upset at first, but then I watced the first one and it grew on me a little. I was afraid the only reason the movies were being made was to make some money. I know now that Peter Jackson is very passionate about Tolkien.<br>My favorite characters are Gandalf and Eowyn. Gandalf just always knows what to do and he had the best outlook on life, even when he was facing death!! He was very powerful, but very kind and trustworthy. He is the best!! I identify with Eowyn. She is a woman being brought up in a man's world and she is not afraid to pick up a sword and fight for her cause. She has a lot of courage and initiative.<br>The Elves are my favorite race. They are so wise and magical and they are always thinking of the whole picture. They knew that when the evil ring was gone, they would have to go to for they would no longer be immortal. They went to the Havens without a second thought.
My favorite characters are:
Bilbo Baggins - does this need and explanation?Aragorn - He overcame the weakness that was IsildurElrond - Extremely intelligent and very loyal to his peopleGandalf - He was intelligent and kind and he didn`t exploit his powersEowyn - She was a woman in a man`s world and wasn`t afraid to do a man`s jobMeriadoc Brandybuck - very brave for a hobbitSamwise Gamgee - the most loyal character in the bookPeregrin Took - alway getting into troubleTreebeard - he`s not hasty harrroomm!!!
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