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The Mad Writer
Hi! I''m The Mad Writer, but you can call me TMW. I'm a fanfic writer and I write mostly fanfics about Middle-Earth, but I do have a few original stories. If you ever want to read them, my stories can be found at the infamous fanfiction.net. <br>I have a lot of Tolkein obsessed friends over the Internet, but unfortunatly, I am a lone Tolkein fanatic in my home town. <br>My favorite book about Middle-Earth has to be The Silmarillion. I like to say that it's a song for the heart. It's truly the greatest works of our time. My favorite parts in The Silmarillion are "Ainulindale," "Valaquenta," and "Of Beren and Luthein." Of the characters in The Silmarillion Nienna is my favorite. <br>I think that's about all I have to say right now, check here for upadates.<br>19 more days till TTT comes out!<br>-TMW
My favorite characters are:
Peregrin Took - Stupid yet lovable.Samwise Gamgee - Things would've gone very badly if Sam hadn't been around. His loyalty and love for Frodo is simply moving.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Such a sweet little hobbit. You gotta love Merry.Gandalf - He's the grandpa we'll never have. Totally rocks the house.Legolas - Sexy elf who's good with arrows. Need I say more?Galadriel - She's old and done some very amazing things.Faramir - Complete opposite of Boromir and just an amazing guy.Frodo Baggins - He's the sexiest hobbit this side of Aman!Celeborn - I love his romance with Galadriel. Lots of fanfic material here folks!Eowyn - She killed the Witch King! Total girl power!Aragorn - Long live the King!Boromir - A great man in the truest form. Even though he succumbed to the Ring's temptation, he saved himself in the end.
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