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Most people just call me meow mix....
you can call me kat tho..I guess. I'm not in school anymore and I'm not planning on going back soon, but I would like to. Eventually :p. I'd like to be an art teacher, that would be cool. I have no idea what each person who reads my profile finds individually interesting so, I'm just going to go with my flow at the moment and put down whatever I feel like. So, I hope you find me remotely interesting and not a waste of time.

The generic explanation of me:
I know I sound like a creepy teen. whoo. I am that, both creepy and a teen. 19 to be exact. Almost but not quite an adult. My opinion now matters in the arena of votes but not in running my own life. Alas, I have a family that loves me. :p Anyway, I'm not sure what more I should put in here. I guess my theories on life and tolkien books in general...Like most people I get all my social knowledge and subliminal life styling from bumper stickers and music quotes... and a little bit of Vh1. A good quote.. "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. - Tom Waits, Singapore" If you want my opinion on lotr it is this.... There comes a time in every human beings life when they must decide what they will cast as thier beliefs. To me Tolkien is an affirmation of what kind of person I want to be. Everyone wants to believe that there is hope and light in this dismal life that we all lead together, unlikely friends make the best heroes, the smallest stanger can save your life, and even those would follow you to death can be blinded by the false words of evil. The smallest things are hardly ever appreciated until you dont have them anymore. And my final thought, look at the world you want to create and how you mean to achieve your goal...sometimes you lose more than you think on the road to sucess. Think of the things you may never get back before you destroy them and then decide if its worth it. Thats me for now. Thx.

My favorite characters are:
TreebeardTheodenSauronSarumanSamwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckLegolasIsildurGrima WormtongueGollum/SmeagolGimliGandalfGaladrielFrodo BagginsFaramirEowynElrondDenethor IIBoromirBilbo BagginsArwenAragorn

Contact me:

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