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Not all who wander are lost...
Welcome to my page! Hopefully I will make it a little more exciting when I have more time.

I am a very big fan of Lord of the Rings. Every day of my life I feel like an Elf that awakes in the Undying Lands, bittersweet it is that I shall not step foot in Middle Earth today nor tomorrow nor the next, bittersweet it is.

I am alike to all of the characters in the Lord of the Rings, which is probably why I like it so much, but I feel most akin to Strider. Not that I can survive in the wilderness alone....oh no, oh no...it is because I wander mostly and sledom seem to know where my path leads; always taking detours and often stopping to revel in some triviality. I know that great things await me in some future, distant or not; but I do not feel ready to accept it nor do I feel the need to want it. It is needs that suffice me and living in the now is what drives me. Someday I will reach my ending and Kings will gather to hail me, but for now I will wander; though not lost... Because of this, I have found enjoyment in collecting replicas of anything having to do with Aragorn. "Why?" you might ask. I do not know. Why the heck do we do anything? To satisfy ourselfs. No other reason. I have decided it would be fun to list on this page the items of interest that I have collected thus far and items that I wish to acquire but as of yet have not.

Ring of Barahir
Elven Brooch
Anduril (limited edition #2706)
Elvish Cloak

Wants (or needs, depends on how ya look at it):
Anduril's Scabbard (pre-ordered)
Ranger type vest (I'm going to eventually make my own out of an old leather jacket. maybe this summer)
Riding Boots
Shirt of some sort to round out the outfit

What else do I need??

My girlfriend has Arwen's Necklace so I'm good there. She also wears Nenya, Galadriel's ring.

Thanks for stopping by!

Now then, Let us hunt some orc!!!!!
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