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hi, i'm Julie... Some people call me Junlya and Wuwie! I'm 15 years old and I'm a big fan of lord of the rings. I like to see great fantasy movies like lord of the rings or harry potter, I love reading Fantasy books and I love drawning. I have nice friends... My best friend is Mirthynn (lynn), she's the greatest... Some of my good friends are: Matthias, Bo, Stefaan, Johan, ... I have a great Boyfriend and I really love him! His name is Hans. He's my precious! I never wanne loose him... My favourite lord of the rings character is legolas, because he's the greatest. So now you know a lot of me, and if you wanne tell me something just contact me at my__preciousssss@hotmail.Com
My favorite characters are:
Faramir - he loves his father, but he fights for everything that he lovesEowyn - nice girl who loves aragorn i thinkEomer - i think he isn't brave enough but he can handle a lot of thingsBilbo Baggins - an old brave manArwen - she loves her friends and familyAragorn - Brave man... I really like himFrodo Baggins - brave little man, very nice!Galadriel - she's strong and she helps frodo.Gandalf - wise old man, he's a wizardGollum/Smeagol - mean cheater... He wants to kill frodo and samLegolas - He can see great and hear great and that makes him specialMeriadoc Brandybuck - He a boy who is afraid of almost everythingPeregrin Took - An onnest foolSamwise Gamgee - He's a true friend and he always helps frodo in hard times, he hates GollumTreebeard - A wise tree

Contact me:

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