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ThrainStonehelm aka Tommy
Thorin slowly struted down the dark but quiet hall way. His beard swayed back and forth in a most unusual manner and the only sound that could be heard in the darkend hall way was the soft pitter patter of his hard leather boots. He slowly made his way down the hall until he came to a large door with most unnusual designs carved into its base. The door creaked open and he came to an open room. Thorin thought to himself that the room seemed rather plain but in a corner he saw two most interesting characters. A dwarf maid whose name he did not know crouching over a bundle of scrolls, and a plain women making interesting remarks to the maids unnusual mutters and grunts. Thorin slowly made his way across the room and the two characters seemed to ignore him, Thorin thought this was quiet rude until he finally spoke up "Forgive me for inturrupting but may i ask what you two are doing." They turned to look at him and both with a smile answered "We are studying the records of Khazad-dum." Thorin found this quite interesting and looked around the room to see a book sitting on a table opposite of him and the two companions. "What is that book over there on that table" he asked. "That is the red book a book full of the tales of Balin and his expedition to Khazad-dum." the dwarf maid answered "By the way my name is Dis and this women standing next to me is Ethien." Thorin smiled and shook both of there hands and a new friendship had began. Thorin made his way to the small table and began to look through the book. The book was slightly burnt and stained with blood and smelt of orc filth but Thorin didnt mind he carefully studied the markings and turned to Dis and Ethien "Do you mind if I take this book back to my quarters and study it for a while" Dis nodded and advisded him not to tear any pages or it would be him that they would serve for dinner. Thorin laughed and left with a smile on his face. AND IF U WANT TO KNW ANYTHING BOUT DWARVES EMAIL ME
My favorite characters are:
Gimli - Certanty of death, small chance of success what are we waiting for!!!Samwise Gamgee - I cant cary it for u but i can carry u com on!Eomer - To the King!!!!!!Aragorn - I Bid you stand Men of the West!!!!!

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