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Home of Estel Tinuviel,Elvin maid of the relm of the white fields of Elenor.
My Elvin Name is Estel Tinuviel, witch I think most of you will no to mean, Hope of the Nightinggale. I'm not very good at spelling so you will have to forgive
the mistakes in this discription( if there are any).

My Human name is Mena Rees-Davies but I want to change it to Mena Rhys-Davies to be like John Rhys-Davies. My best friend in all of middle Earth is Eledwhen Anariel, Elf Shene, and Aragorn is my favorit character in the book(because I think i have more in commen with him than with aneyone else)) but i also love Faramir and King Thoden, and I think Sam Wise is Unforgettable.

If I were to be a charector in the book i would like to be Tinuviel, sorrewlessly lingering in the forests of the world and secrely helping those in need, or a half Elf, half
Neumannorian ranger named, Elenor of the north who marries King Elesar and Lady Arwhen's son.

I'm 15. I have golder bwown hair that is past my sholders,and green/hazel eyes.I'm 5'7'' and pritty muscular for a girl.I live in Texas and I would really like to get to know some more people who like
The Lord of the Rings as much as I do.
My favorite characters are:
TheodenSamwise GamgeeFaramirEowynAragorn

Contact me:

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