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Lady of the Rings
<i><u><b>Greetings Fellowship. </b></u></i><br><br>I am the Lady of the Rings, also known as Stacey. I am 19, live in South Wales, UK, and am a really big fan of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. As a creative writer myself, I know how hard it is to devise a story, and, well, Life as complex as that of Middle Earth. I was delighted when they decided to make the film. I've seen the Fellowship four times, and the Two Towers twice already. You may think i'm mad, but...actually, if you think i'm mad then you shouldn't be on this web site should you? Here's a little bit about me:<br><br><b>Name: </b>Stacey<br><br><b>Occupation: </b>Student<br><br><b>Age: </b>19<br><br><b>Title: </b>Lady of the Rings<br><br><b>Aspirations: </b>To star alongside Orlando Bloom in some film.<br><br><b>Favorite Film: </b>The Two Towers<br><br><b>Favorite Character: </b>Legolas and Aragorn (Two fine male specimens, with an impressive ability to kick butt.)<br><br><b>Favourate Part of Film: </b>When Legolas grabs a shield during the battle at Helm's Deep, and slids down some steps on it whilst shooting his arrows - what a man...or elf...<br><br><b>Favorite baddie: </b>It's gotta be the ring wraiths, come on, how cool.<br><br><b>Coolest Character: </b>Gandalf the White (~Don't you just love a man in Uniform!<br><br><br><u><b>Final Word:- </b></u><br><br>Thank you for visiting and reading this page, I hope you enjoyed reading, and enjoy the films as much as I do. Ta ta for now, luv<br> <br> <i><b>The Lady of the Rings</b></i>
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - What can I say, the elf's got style. And those cheekbones, i'd marry him if I could - Orlando Bloom that is!Aragorn - I couldn't have picked a better actor to play Aragorn myself. I believed everything about him, he would be my hero anyday.
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