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<b>Hello! My name is Victoria, and I am A HUGE fan of Lord of The Rings! Here r some things that I like to do:<br> Read[especially LOTR!]<br> Surf the Web<br> Watch Movies[take a wild guess which is my fav movie...]<br> Jam 2 my music<br> Talk online<br> AND MORE!!! lol<br> <i>LOTR <i><br>I really think that LOTR is a very interesting book. It has so much passion and good and evil. <br> I also though the movie had this very visible point. The movie and books made the Elves seem like Gods, or the best creatures of Earth! They made the men look like animals compared to the Elves! But, it was still a good movie!<br> It was also staed in the third book that Tolkien stated:"Of all the fellowship, it was the elf who achieved the least." I think that is very true. All he achieved, form what I see, is that he became good friends with Gimli the Dwarf. <br> I hope YOU LIKE THE PAGE!
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - HE is so loyal, and that is what makes a good perosnLegolas - He is cute and good-naturedMeriadoc Brandybuck - He is very funny and daring!Peregrin Took - HE IS SO CUTE AND FUNNYGandalf - HIS MAGIC IS AWESOME! He is also a very good friend to Bilbo, Frodo, and AragornGaladriel - Most people think she is a goddess, I think she is beautiful and niceElrond - dunno why I like him.. just doFrodo Baggins - he is so cute and the true hero! HE is sensitive and caring.. two very good traitsBilbo Baggins - He looks like a cool and fun family member. He is also foolish at times, too.Arwen - She is so .. i don't know the word.. um, she is so pureAragorn - HE IS SO HOT AND BRAVE! HE is very heroic and fool of mysterySauron - Dark Lords are cool! lol
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