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What I think about Lord of the Rings.
Hi All,
I am 16 and new to this site so its gonna take me some time to adapt to how things work.So far I love this site.About Lord of the Rings,Best books ever written in mankind.That,of course, is my opinion.I have listen to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on cassetes but never started reading them until about a couple of months ago.I have completed the first book,Fellowship of the Ring.It is way better reading the books rather than listening to someone read them to you.I'll admit there are parts in the book where it tends to go slow but I will promise you there is not a single sentence in there that is boring.I have started on the secong book,The Two Towers.There is one thing i'll admit,It is hard to understand some of the stuff that is being said but as you read more and more of the books you will have adjusted your reading skills to understand what Tolkien is trying to say.If i'm wrong let me know but I think all the characters in the Trilogy are one of a kind.No other character in any book could match any of Tolkien's characters.Lord of the Rings is the most spectacular books and,now, movies.
There is one last thing I wish to say.Enjoy the books.

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