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Hello Fellow LOTR lovers!!!
I just <u><b>LOVE</b></u> Lord of the rings! I first read the books at the age of eight when my Dad gave me a copy! After that i couldn't put it down I read The Two Towers and then Return of the King! I have also read the great he hobbit book and comic strip version! My favorite race out of all in middle earth has to be Elves. They are so cool with the bows and the great senses of sight and hearing. Legolas is great but over all i would say <b>Aragorn is the best!</b><br>I just love <b><u>LOTR</u></b> warhammer! Also gamecube they are great!
My favorite characters are:
Ugluk - Tonite we eat man flesh!Theoden - Great soldier!Saruman - Saruman is evil and that is cool on its own!Meriadoc Brandybuck - Very funny!Peregrin Took - Also very funny!Legolas - Again a cool elf and the bow skills wow!Gandalf - Gandalf is just a really cool character!Gollum/Smeagol - Gollum is funny like when he goes to catch the fish!Eomer - He has alot of Riders and the way he storms the Uruk-Hai with Gandalf is just ACE!Boromir - He faught bravely!Arwen - Elves are so cool!Bilbo Baggins - This guy was amazing in the Hobbit!Aragorn - This guy is amazing with a sword, he is soooooo fast!Treebeard - He is really cool the he storms Isengard!
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