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Mae govannen Sha'Quessir. This is my page about.. well, me! My screen name, as you see, is Vanimelle meaning 'Little Beauty'. My friend was rattling off names for me, and this sounded the least conceded out of all of them. I am often told I am beautiful, but never beleive any of it. You may decide for yourself though. :-)<br><br>I suppose I should say something else about myself. Well, I am 15 years old and am in the 9th grade. I live in the USA, and speak German as well as French fluently. I have an 8-year-old sister in the 2nd grade, and a guinea pig (Brucey). In the photo, you can't tell my hair color because it's in black and white, but I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My friends often say that when I approach them in the halls of our school, they keep thinking of an elf. "You shouldn't live here! Go and find an elf husband in Middle Earth!" -Kim. I love her for that statement. ^.^<br><br>I have stated in my profile that I am greatly interested in the Elvish language, particularly the Quenya form. I speak it semi-fluently, and am even better in typing or writing it.<br><br>When I am not doing homework or various other things, I love to roleplay with my online friends on AIM. If you would like to roleplay with me, my screen name is edhelmiqula or csmcskttl1.
My favorite characters are:
Gollum/Smeagol - I still have a lot to learn about this creature. No matter what, though, he will always amaze me.Legolas - Amin mela lle, amin verno'.Gimli - Gimli is so funny. He brings humor to the Fellowship.Galadriel - The grandmother of Arwen, and just as beautiful. Wow, I wish I were an elf.Eowyn - Very brave woman. One of my favorite characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.Elrond - My favorite half-elf.Celeborn - Silver Tree. Reminds me of a Mallorn tree. Their great silver trunks, and the golden leaves. They only grow in Lorien.Arwen - I wish I could compare to the beauty of her. She is the epitome of elven grace and beauty.Aragorn - My favorite Dunadan.
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