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<b>Hey!</b><br><br>I am Christine, a Norwegian girl from the cold lands in the north. I am quite ordinary, I sing, write (often inspired by the master himself - Tolkien) and I read a lot, anything really, but recently most fantasy.<br><br>I've also created my own web-club, called The Ultimate Lord of the Rings Club, and it can be found at www.bolt.com. We're a quite large circle of serious Tolkien-lovers. Contact me if you want info on it.<br><br>Tolkien's Middle Earth has always fascinated me in a way no other fantasy story, or any other story of any sort for that matter, has managed. It's complexity, wonders and stunning beauty seems to take my breath away every time I enter it. If you share the same passion for this topic as I do, please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with me.<br><br><b>-Christine-</b>
My favorite characters are:
Gandalf - He's been labouring against Sauron non-stop for over 2000 years, a huge piece mover, and a wise old man.Aragorn - He fascinates me because there are so many levels of him, so many different ways to see him. And his everlasting emotional struggle makes him even more interesting.Faramir - So different from his brother! A lore-master and a warrior in one person.Eowyn - The strong, white lady of Rohan is not exactly the typical lady, which makes her so special. The silver flower.Gollum/Smeagol - The two different personalities trapped inside one wicked body gives him depth and charmSamwise Gamgee - the real hero!
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