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Vedui' from Veduriel
Hi! I'm Veduriel; I discovered LotR about...3 years ago or so. I've seen all the movies, read The Hobbit and have just recently finished reading the trilogy. I'm writing a fanfic-kinda sequel to LotR where Frodo decides not to go west after all. Ask me about it if you want; I'm here. Now that I'm finally done with the trilogy I'm reading The Silmarillion. My favorite LotR characters are the hobbits (naturally!), Legolas (he's both hot and cool at the same time lol), and Gollum!!!!!!!

Check out the picture I uploaded of my favorite Elf! Aww, ain't he adorable?
My favorite characters are:
Samwise Gamgee - He's brave, he's loyal, AND he cooks...what can I say? Lucky Rose!Peregrin Took - He's a great kid---like me, the youngest in the family and in the way. Why else do I like him? Here's why: Just LISTEN to Billy Boyd's ACCENT!!!!!!!!Meriadoc Brandybuck - He's funny and I can relate: "I am hungry. What is the time?" I would have said the same thing.Gollum/Smeagol - He's so...preciousssssss.Legolas - *veduriel has melted into a puddle of wannabe Elvish goo at the mere mention of this awesome creature.*Eowyn - She kicks butt!!!!!!!Frodo Baggins - Elijah Wood is so cute; those awesome blue eyes are sooooooo freaky but they're perfect. Frodo's got a good head on his shoulders too.

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