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Robin Larsen
there is not a word of how much i love lotr iam the world greatest fan to lotr<br> i would have a big text of lotr but it didnt fit here but i can already tell you that i can everything about lotr and if u want to know something about lotr just ask me :)<br><br>Well more about myself <br>my name is Robin and i have 4 pets 3 cats and 1 dog i love them<br>and iam 13 years old and iam a <u><b>big</b></u> fan to lotr that u already know.<br> there is nothing more to tell. and if you like to ask something more about me or lotr just send me a mail.<br> by the way i loooooooooooooooooooooove lotr lol:)
My favorite characters are:
Saruman - saruman is a bad guy but he is cool when he is trying to kill the fellowship on carhadrasSamwise Gamgee - a very good and nice hobbit i like almost sam more than frodoPeregrin Took - there is not a word how cool he is. AND HE IS PRETTY FUNNY TOOMeriadoc Brandybuck - there is not a word how cool he is. HE IS FUNNY TOLegolas - there is not a word how AWESOME AND COOL he is actually.. legolas is my favorite.Isildur - he are awsome cool and awsome againGollum/Smeagol - a nasty little monster but he is a bit of good guy tooGimli - there is not a word how cool and awsome and funny and i just loove dwarfsGil Galad - he are very very coolGandalf - gandalf rulez he is cool like hellGaladriel - she is a little weird but cool anywayEomer - eomer is a cooool little bastardFrodo Baggins - i like frodo a lot he is awesomeElrond - Elrond is awesome i like himDenethor II - hes is very coolCeleborn - he is very cool and mysticalBilbo Baggins - hes a good old manBoromir - there is not a word how cool he isArwen - i like her a lot she pretty and coolAragorn - there is not a word how cool he isSauron - Sauron is AWESOOOME U HEAR ME AWSOOOOOMETheoden - a nice guyTreebeard - A hell of a cool tree he is also AWSOME
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