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All you need to know about Vmgrl(and more)!
Hi, i'm vmgrl. that stands for Viggo Mortensens girl. Viggo is Aragorn in the movie, and he is my fav character. So YA!!!! I really like DNAngel, it's the BEST!!!

I think that the best character in Lord of the rings is Viggo Mortensen, because he has to acually "become" Aragorn. Now I know what you all might be saying "all the other people in the movie had to "become" their characters to!" But I think that Viggo had the hardest time with it, he had to figure out how to be in a scene with people when they weren't really there. Or when he...well you get the picture.

What I really want to talk to you about is my friends(and if you are one of my friends and I don't mention you, don't be offended, I'll talk about you later) . I'll start with Emily E.; now emily has been my friend for about a year now. She was there for me when i moved here about 2 years ago(well she was there for me when i came to Willow Park and I had no friends). I really appriciate it and I just wanted to say "thanx Em". Now my other friends Mac + Miller; the twins(identical)came to this school(WP) a few months late(Hi guys). They began making friends emedietly and i know exactly why. They are great guys with wonderful sences of humor and the ability to make anyone laugh. My other friend(well acually my half-sister) Gwenny is a really great person. So is my half-brother Logan, my almost "dad" Jeremy, and my cool almost "step-mom" Eryn(sorry if i spelled that wrong). They are all great people to be around. I have to go study for TWO tests tommorow, so I'll update later.
Lots of Love,
My favorite characters are:
Isildur - He cut off that one dudes' fingers!Aragorn - He's cool...Ya.

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