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Liams lord of the rings

My favorite characters are:
Bilbo Baggins - Bilbo is the second hobbit to get the ring of power. Bilbo is a funny.Boromir - Boromir is the stewards son. The line of true royal blood has disappeared all except Aragorn, so the stewards of Gondor have taken over. Boromir has a sword, shield and a special horn called the horn of Gondor. Boromir soon dies at the end of the river.Gimli - Gimli is the only dwarf in the group. He is the cousin of Balin (Who was in the party in the hobbit). Gimliís weapon is a big axe but he does have four more smaller axes. Gimliís greatest dream is to walk in the mines of Moria. In the book he discovers hiGil GaladGandalf - Gandalf is a god sent down from the heavens to protect the land of middle-earth. When the ring war came he had to do his bit so he join the fellowship. Gandalf has a staff and a sword called Galmdring. Gandalf dies in Moria fighting the Balrog (but he retGaladriel - Galadriel is the queen of Lothlorin. Galadriel is a very wise elf.Frodo Baggins - Frodo is a hobbit. When he gets the ring he is told to take it to Rivendell then the council will take it. But the council canít decide who will take it so Frodo volunteered to carry it to Mordor. He gets given the sword Sting and mithril (which is elvenCeleborn - Celeborn is the king of the elves of Loth. Celeborn is a good king to his people.Denethor IIElrond - Elrond is the king of Rivendell. Elrond is a very good fighter.EomerEowynFaramir - Faramir is Boromirs brother he comes in search of his brother. Faramir is a bow man.Arwen - Arwen is Aragorns girl friend. She is a fast rider.Aragorn - Aragorn at the beginning of the fellowship he is the loner Strider. But the hobbits soon discover that he is the king of Gondor. He has a sword, but when he gets to Rivendell gets the sword Narsil and he has a bow. He is in the line of pure royal blood soGollum/Smeagol - Gollum is the first hobbit to get the ring but he had to kill his best friend to get it.Grima WormtongueIsildur - Isildur is a human he was the second person to get the ring. I do not like him because he kept the ring.Legolas - Legolas is an elf that has 2 kinfes and a bow. Legolas is the second best.Meriadoc BrandybuckPeregrin TookSamwise GamgeeSarumanSauronTheodenUglukTreebeard
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