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All you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you.
<b>Hi Every1.</b><br><br>I'm Ellis Kouwenhoven. My nickname is Ylyana(_ElementalQueen). I'm from Holland and I'm allmost 20 years old. I follow an education in horticulture and I love it. I also love to swim and read (Tolkien of course).<br><br>I'm a major Middle Earth fan. I love the landscapes and the people who live in this land.<br>The Lorien Elves are my favorite creatures. Because they are everything I'm not. Tall, Blond and gracious. I also have a thing for the Elvish language and I'm trying to learn the grammar <u>(which is not easy).</u><br><br>
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - He is wise and beautiful and I fell in love with him when I first read the books (which was before there ever was a word of a moviecast).Gandalf - I like the strength of his spirit he has been through so much and if I feel down or depressed I just think what he has been through.Gimli - He is very blockheaded. I like that and the creature he most 'hates' becomes his best friend. That's just beautiful.Galadriel - I like her beauty and her danger. She is wise to and knows many things she can't tell. As do I.Elrond - He is very wise and knows many things about the future and the Elven history.Aragorn - He has been through much and I like the strength of his character. He is prepared to let his one love sail away for ever. Even is it breaks his heart.Arwen - I simply love her because she gives everything up for her true love ...how romantic...
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