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Interests: Fotball And Taekwondo!

Friends: all in sweden!!!

I like electronic things more than evrything else! Exept Warhammer and lord of the rings! I love to play the return of the king on Playstation 2!!

Little facts abaout my favorite character:

Sauron (which means “terrible” in Kvenian) is a supreme being, ainur, created by the thought of Iluvatar (i.e. “father of everything”) from Flame Imperishable. He is one of the makers of Arda, a visible world, as well as a maiar. Sauron served Aule the Smith, the Lord of all the beings. He is the embodiment of Evil in “The Lord of the Rings”.

Sauron’s foul deeds began in 457 of the First Age. At that time he invaded an isle of Tol Sirion and there created a harbour of Evil, and ruled over the werewolves. He could easily shift his shape to those of a wolf and other beings. In “The Silmarillion” there is a legend about Berenand Luthien Tinuviel, mentioning the name of Sauron. According to this he captured Beren, and killed Finrod Felagun, an elven Prince. But an elven maiden, Luthien, with a werewolf Huan came to rescue her beloved. Sauron took a form of the wolf but lost the fight. Then he took a form of a gigantic bat and hid himself in the woods of Taur-Nufuin till the beginning of the Great Battle. Indeed, Evil can await for its hour as Sauron does it. Melkor (or Morgoth) lost the battle and Sauron could do nothing but surrender. He was supposed to be sent to Aman for a trial. But pride and willfulness prevailed. Sauron preferred another escape to shame and humiliation.

Thus, Sauron gains his strengths anew. In about 1000 (Second Age) Sauron settled down in Mordor (which means “black earth” in Sindarin; there is, however, a similarity with the word “murder”). There he started building his mighty Barad-dur (which means “Dark Tower” in Sindarin), a fortress where he dwelt for many years.

My favorite character is:
Sauron - his cool

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