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The Hottness of Frodo and the fellowship
Hi, Eoweniel is my elvish name lol and I absolutely LOVE LOTR! especially Frodo just cuz he's so freakin hott! Well actually it's Elijah but Viggo, Billy, Dom, and Orly are also hott and they are also mine! lol sorry guys. My friends are gonna kill me for saying that! I have seen ROTK at total of 4 times so far and that's just for now! I love all my frinds, especially Urylia, Tiniwiel, and Tinawiel. Those are their elvish names! I also love homegroup, music and movies(LOTR) and no Lloyd, When u love something passionately there is no such word as "obsessed". He only says this cuz I only have kfc buckets that have lotr on it, two cups, a popcorn bag, another bucket, and practically laminated the tickets from the movies. What can I say when I love something I LOVE something! And I LOVE LOTR! no wait I (heart) LOTR lol Tinawiel!! LOTR is the absolute best movie ever done Thank you Peter Jackson, Elijah, Dom, Billy, Orlando, Viggo, Sean, Andy, Liv, Miranda, Bernard, Karl, David, Kate, Ian and Ian, John, and everyone else I can't remeber names to!! I love u all! mmmwwwaaaa<i>
My favorite characters are:
TreebeardSamwise GamgeePeregrin TookMeriadoc BrandybuckLegolasGollum/SmeagolGimliFrodo BagginsFaramirEowynDenethor IIBoromirAragorn

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