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Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood
Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood, son of Thranduil of Mirkwood is the only elf in the fellowship of nine that sets out to destroy the Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. He doesn't talk a lot; he lets his actions speak for him. Legolas is quite the archer; he never misses. He is played by Orlando Bloom, 26, in the Lord of the Rings movies directed by Peter Jackson. I'm a little obsessed with Orli. With his long blonde hair and blue eyes, he is SO hot! In real life, Orlando has curly black hair and brown eyes, and he is STILL hot! By creating this fan site, it's my way of declaring my love for Orli. If you want to talk about the LOTR movies, Orli, or anything else, feel free to email me: i_love_my_legolas@hotmail.com. ORLI FOREVER!!!! <br>P.S. If you are a Frodo lover, I think Frodo is a pasty-face with eyes too far apart and hairy feet. He's short and he's a wimp. Can you tell I dislike him?! You can't blame me; he's ugly and as soon as a black rider or an orc comes along he drops his sword and lets them stab him. HA!
My favorite characters are:
Legolas - has the whole warrior thing going on; even if I didn't think Orlando Bloom was hot I would still like his strong, silent, elven character.Peregrin Took - is hilarious. All the horrible things that happen in the mines of Moria are his fault, and he constantly is acting funny without realizing it. I love his character's comic personality.
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