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The Best Lord Of The Rings Games

Although the fantasy genre has always been a colorful source of inspiration, there is no denying that Lord of the Rings made an unusually massive impact on popular culture. It all started with the books written by JRR Tolkien in the first half of the 1900s. These became award-winning works that also enjoy major commercial success. This was amplified even further by Peter Jackson's blockbuster trilogy. The epic story was also turned into several video games that allowed players to immerse themselves in Middle-earth. There are even LOTR games in Royal Vegas casino for those who would like to test their chances against Sauron and his orcs. Here are some of the best games in the franchise:

The Hobbit

This was launched nearly 20 years before the movies. It won the 1983 Golden Joystick Award for being the best strategy game at the time. Everyone was impressed with the fairly advanced dynamics and parsing capabilities of the program. Beam Software did an excellent job with its development, allowing players to type in complex commands for greater depth of interaction. Non-player characters moved independently. It ran on the ZX Spectrum computer and later on the Commodore 64 and BBC Micro. The Hobbit sold more than 100,000 copies in its first two years alone.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

This was among the first titles to be released after the phenomenal success of the first film. This is a hack-and- slash video game that follows the main characters including Aragorn and Frodo. Stormfront was in-charge of development while Electronic Arts was the publisher. It covers the events from the first two books of the trilogy. Critics gave it a generally favorable response. People were happy about the incredible scope of the battles and the faithful recreation of the scenes from the movies. However, some were not pleased with the short length of the missions and repetitiveness of certain elements. Nearly 4 million units were sold.

The Lord of the Rings Online

This is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG that is meant to run on Windows and OS X. It is free to play but subscribers get to enjoy exclusive perks. They can access more places, move quickly between towns, collect unlimited currency, and so on. Several expansion packs were released including Mines of Moria, ¬Siege of Mirkwood, Rise of Isengard, Riders of Rohan, and Helm's Deep. LOTRO is third in the MMORPG arena in terms of number of players. Reviews have been positive since its first release in 2007.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

This was published by Warner Brothers in 2014. It is classified as an open-world action adventure game that can be played on Windows, PlayStation and Xbox. The events here take place between Bilbo's adventure and the formation of the Fellowship. The main character is a ranger named Talion who is out to exact revenge on those who killed their loved ones. It features advanced artificial intelligence for non-playable characters for added realism. The release was followed by critical acclaim with reviewers praising the memorable villains, colorful protagonist, and interesting side content.

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