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The Fantasy Games Of Middle Earth

In a fictitious world, magic is created with a swish of a stick and the roll of the tongue. Where goblins, hobbits and wizards are the everyday norm and dragons form part of the enemy. The story of middle earth brings fear, excitement and tension to all those who enjoy the books and movies of The Lord Of The Rings.

Whenever there is room for fantasy, we can play with the illusory to create more fun and creativity in our own minds. We can create characters who we think would suit the storyline, and we can imagine what the our favourite hobbits and wizards did in their spare time. We’ve thought about a couple games these friends of our imagination would most-likely play together:


The infamous rings. Imagine a game where rings were thrown around like backyard ring toss? The precious rings would need to be thrown with pinpoint accuracy for reaching the narrow sword point to win the game. The most difference in this imaginatory version, is that opponents need to try catch one another's rings as they were thrown, even though these rings would be fiery rings that could torch you to death if caught the wrong way.

Hide and Seek

Frodo and Sam went on a long, winding road. They hid from all creatures of the night, so it is no surprise that this classic game would be perfect for everyone in the Middle Earth. Just watch out for characters like Sauron who could be lurking anywhere…


The perfect game to play with friends in Arda. They would have loved to play Wink Bingo as well. They probably would have called it “RINGO”. The dwarfs would have tried to cheat their way with a full house, calling out “RINGO” and quickly covering all their symbols on their sheets. But Gandalf would always see through it.


One of Gandalf’s favourite past times is going for a refreshing swim, after all, that is what saved him. We can see Gandalf inviting over some of his closest mates to hang out together in the earthy waters, and show off their diving moves.

Mountain Climbing

How could we forget Mount Doom. Those delightfully big feet are perfect for wrapping around the rocks and jumping up legendary mountains. A challenging mountain climb for some would prove to be a relaxing activity for him, it would easily be a breeze for Frodo.

These are just some ways we can see all our favorite friends of the Lord of the Rings trilogy spending their time together off screen and off the pages of our books. Our imaginations can take us anywhere - just look what J. R. R. Tolkien created.

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